• The Grodno State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in the republic of Belarus.
  • Our University was founded in 1958 and has solid reputation in scientific sphere as well as among students.
  • Since that time university formed its own tradition and strong scientific school, acknowledge not only in our country.
  • The favorable geographical position promotes the establishment of lasting international contact. High qualification of professor staff provides training of true professionals.
  • Our university has broad experience in training of foreign students. Moreover friendly atmosphere of Grodno helps everyone to feel safely and comfortable.


We will happy to see you among our students
Welcome to Grodno State Medical University!
Victor Snezhitskiy

Climate change and the ways to come up with it

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The relationship essay help relating to Macro and Micro Levels of Economic Capabilities

Economic essay help functionality gets calculated by improvements out there price ranges of capital and investments assets. Arnold (2009) described it as the general raise within the genuine advertise value of important commodities and companies which can be generated about a provided interval relative to your base year’s efficiency. It will get assessed in step […]